Pilot Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.--CNC precision-machined items, fiber-optic connectors - 2010


Founded in 1988, Pilot Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a veteran specialist in making mainly spindles and metallic parts for office machines. The company owns a comprehensive range of manufacturing and processing equipment, including top-end and precision computer numeric control (CNC) machine tools and sliding-headstock lathes.

Pilot has also been engaged in developing and manufacturing hydraulic and fiber-optic parts for many years. Thanks to its high product quality and good services, the company has been well recognized by customers worldwide.

To offer flawless products, the company has kept strengthening its quality-control procedures, coupled with intensive personnel training, so as to meet the most stringent quality standards and secure a win-win status with customers.

Pilot supplies a wide array of items for various applications, including CNC precision-machined items, fiber-optic connectors, hydraulic parts and accessories, consumer electronics processing, aeronautical parts, remote-control car parts, mechanical processing and OEM/ODM services, metallic parts processing, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, and many others.